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Take Your Used Women's Clothing and Accessories to a Local Shop

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to sell your used designer items. You might have started a different career path, changed sizes, or simply want to do a little spring cleaning. But when consignment shops take so long to accept your items and pay you, you may be wondering where can I sell my clothes for cash near me?


No matter your reason for selling your designer items, Clothes Mentor is here to pay you in cash for your used items. Using the Clothes Mentor locator tool, you can search resale clothing shops near me to start your journey selling your used clothing and accessories. 


We always offer the option to shop online and ship your orders. We currently do not accept mailed items, so if you do have clothes and accessories to sell, we ask that you bring them to one of our physical locations.


Not finding a shop in your area? Take the leap and open your own Clothes Mentor retail shop in your town. Be part of the Clothes Mentor community by becoming a store owner. 

Clothes Mentor Is a National Women's Resale Clothing Company With Shops in Your Area

Clothes Mentor is a nationwide resale store. Each Clothes Mentor shop is unique, meaning all products differ across stores while still being guaranteed sustainable and high-quality fashion.

Find a Clothes Mentor resale clothing store near you to start your buying or selling experience today.

What to Expect at a Clothes Mentor Location

Clothes Mentor is a women’s resale shop serving local communities in person and online. Each of our local teams is trained to review your “gently used” items—such as clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories, and more—right on the spot. The staff at your local Clothes Mentor store will welcome you, review your items, and pay you then and there for any purchases. 


Whether you are wondering where to buy or sell clothes near you, Clothes Mentor offers a shopping and selling experience like no other. Operating with the belief and knowledge that women are more than one size, we accept and sell gently used, clean, and in-style women’s clothing ranging from sizes 0 to 26, including plus size, petites, and maternity clothing. 


Not in the market for clothes? We also buy and sell:









Other accessories

And so much more


And we sell all of these items in modern styles at affordable prices. Make your closet and wallet happy by shopping at a Clothes Mentor store near you.


When you visit a Clothes Mentor women’s clothing resale shop in your area, you can expect a warm welcome from our highly trained staff. We believe in sustainability, supporting local communities, and the freedom of self-expression through fashion.


Our stores are making fashion attainable and sustainable, so find a Clothes Mentor location near you by using the store locator feature on this page. 


And if you don’t want to go into a physical store, you can shop your area’s newest styles from your local store online! 

How Do I Find Stores That Buy Clothes Near Me?

​​Searching for Clothes Mentor’s women's clothing resale shops near me:

Start by entering your location—or a location near you—in the search bar. This could be a town, city, zip code, or state.

On the physical map, you will see the address and phone number of the Clothes Mentor women's clothing resale shops near you. You can even click on the website link for more information about that particular Clothes Mentor location.

On the left side of the screen, you will see other options for nearby Clothes Mentor shops in the area. Simply click view on map and the location will pop up.

Feel free to zoom in and out using the plus and minus buttons on the bottom left of the map. That way, you can see all the Clothes Mentor resale clothing stores near you, whether that be in your town, state, or region.


If your search results in “no location found,” you can type in a major city near you. There may not be a Clothes Mentor retail clothing shop in your immediate town, but there will be results for the closest Clothes Mentor shops in nearby areas.

Where Can I Sell My Clothes for Cash Near Me?

Sell your used clothes at a Clothes Mentor women’s resale shop near you. We pay you cash on the spot. We are different from consignment stores because we won’t make you wait weeks to months to pay you for your items. Come to a Clothes Mentor shop today to sell your items and get paid in cash right away.

Since hours vary depending on location, check the store hours at your local women’s resale shop before coming in to sell.  

Is There a Designer Thrift Store Near Me?

Find out if there is a Clothes Mentor women’s resale shop near you by typing your location into the store locator right here on this page!


We have over 120 stores nationwide and continue to grow each year.

Start Your Own Women's Resale Shop

Are you interested in becoming part of the Clothes Mentor franchise? Own a store and bring sustainable, resale fashion to your town.


Follow your dream of launching a business and supporting your local community—and so much more—by owning a Clothes Mentor resale store.

Get Cash Now for Your Gently Used Clothes From a Nearby Clothes Mentor

Buy and sell gently used designer items at a Clothes Mentor women’s resale shop near you. Our trained buyers offer cash on-the-spot if we approve your items.


You can choose to get in-store credit and earn more for the items you bring in. Find out more about Clothes Mentor by exploring our website and a location near you.