Franchise Opportunities

With Clothes Mentor

If you’ve been feeling the inner stirrings for a professional change that offers flexibility, growth potential, and personal fulfillment, Clothes Mentor franchise ownership might be the path you’ve been searching for. The resale industry is booming, and franchising has real advantages, but the best part is the process is already nailed down for you!

Why Should I Consider Owning a Clothes Mentor Store?

  • The Resale Advantage

    Clothes Mentor is thrifting made easy! Each independently-owned Clothes Mentor franchise sells gently used name-brand and designer clothing, shoes, and accessories for up to 70% off original retail prices. Our owners have a great eye for pieces that are in excellent condition.

  • Resale Is a Growing Industry

    In the face of the "retail apocalypse," the resale industry has emerged as a beacon of growth and sustainability. Resale is projected to grow more than 9X faster than traditional retail by 2027 and will be a $57B market by 2032. Even major retailers like Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Madewell have entered the resale game, recognizing its immense potential.

  • A Proven Franchise Model

    With a tried-and-true approach boasting impressive gross margins, Clothes Mentor offers a recipe for financial success. As an NTY Resale Franchise owner, you make more money faster, empowering you to easily achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

  • Is a Clothes Mentor Franchise Right for You?

    If you want to launch your own business but want to hit the ground running with a proven business model, a franchise might be just what you’re looking for. Clothes Mentor offers a golden opportunity for people from all walks of life, including:

    • Multitasking Moms

      If you’re a mom seeking a career that provides both financial stability and the flexibility to spend quality time with your kids, Clothes Mentor offers the opportunity to balance both worlds.

    • Married Couples

      Are you and your spouse eager to embark on a joint venture, building something meaningful together while positively impacting your community? Clothes Mentor franchise ownership allows you to collaborate as partners in business and in life.

    • Entrepreneurial Family and Friends Teams

      Do you dream of creating a lasting legacy with your friends, siblings, or adult children? Clothes Mentor welcomes teams eager to build on their relationships to create a successful business.

    • Ambitious Professionals

      Are you tired of working for someone else and yearning for the freedom to control your own life? Clothes Mentor franchise ownership empowers ambitious professionals to thrive on their terms, driving their success forward.

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    Join Our Community

    Since Clothes Mentor franchise owners source inventory from local customers, they are putting money back into the community and promoting reuse. Joining the Clothes Mentor community opens doors to a lucrative business opportunity in a thriving market. Our franchise owners enjoy the freedom of being their own boss, surrounded by a supportive network of passionate individuals who share a common vision.

    • Start Your Journey Today

      Don’t let your aspirations linger as mere dreams. Seize the opportunity to become a part of the Clothes Mentor family and turn your entrepreneurial vision into reality. Whether you’re ready to take the plunge or still weighing your options, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Start building the future you desire with Clothes Mentor — your success story starts here.

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    FAQs - Answers to Your Questions About Owning a Store

    • Q: What are the start-up costs? +

      A: With Clothes Mentor’s proven resale business model, franchisees see a swift return on investment. Check out the investment range options for franchise owners.

    • Q: Do you provide support for business planning? +

      A: Absolutely! We will work with you to develop a plan that can serve as your store’s financial and operational guide during the critical start-up phase of your business.

    • Q: Do I need experience? +

      A: Not at all! We provide three comprehensive training programs to prepare our new owners with pre-opening and post-opening classes and hands-on experience. That way, you feel confident when starting this new adventure.

    • Q: Will I have any kind of support as I get started? +

      A: We won’t leave you hanging; we’ll be with you every step of your journey. Be sure to take a look at all the ins and outs of our support plan.

    • Q: Can I hear from real people? +

      A: Sure thing! We have tons of testimonials from those who took the big leap.