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Shop Clothes Mentor’s resale Louis Vuitton online or in stores today. The iconic fashion brand is best known for its chic and high-quality trunks, bags, and purses. Our collection of used Louis Vuitton handbags and other pre-owned Louis Vuitton accessories includes classic models like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Speedy, Artsy, and more. 

Clothes Mentor carries a variety of essential Louis Vuitton textile patterns, including the LV Monogram, Epi, and Vernis. Buy used Louis Vuitton bags and other accessories by shopping sustainably at Clothes Mentor. 

How Did Louis Vuitton Start?

Louis Vuitton was only 16 when he began his apprenticeship making trunks with Monsieur Maréchal in Paris, France in 1837. The French designer spent time learning and perfecting his craft, then began his own workshop-turned-company in the heart of Paris in 1854. 

Clients sought out Vuitton for his lavish custom-designed trunks, a traveler’s dream in any era. Now a major fashion icon, the Louis Vuitton brand is a staple of luxury and style. 

Add to Your Wardrobe With Louis Vuitton Resale Apparel

Louis Vuitton is a timeless Parisian company that has grown into a worldwide phenomenon—one that you can find right here at Clothes Mentor! The luxurious style of Louis Vuitton bags and other accessories add an air of prestige to any outfit. Find the perfect resale Louis Vuitton handbag, belt, crossbody, wallet, or other posh accessories that fit your style at Clothes Mentor for a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Expanding your closet with resale Louis Vuitton is both fashionable and sustainable. When you buy or sell second-hand Louis Vuitton items, you help make the world a better, more eco-friendly place. In the last five years, Clothes Mentor has recirculated 1.4 million handbags that might otherwise have been thrown away. 

Join our community of low-carbon footprint shoppers to help us grow that number even more. It’s a win-win for the world and your wardrobe!

Browse Our Used Authentic Louis Vuitton Collection

Wondering where to buy used Louis Vuitton bags? Look no further! Clothes Mentor is a Louis Vuitton resale shop that carries a wide variety of gently used Louis Vuitton bags, wallets, shoes, and other accessories. Shop resale Louis Vuitton for sustainable, affordable fashion. 

Used Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton is known for its luxury bags of all sizes. Shop our pre-owned Louis Vuitton bags, including handbags, wristlets, totes, crossbody bags, clutches, and much, much more. 

You can even shop for an always stylish Louis Vuitton backpack, used only a few times before it becomes yours! There’s nothing like sporting a used Louis Vuitton bag and knowing you’re both fashionable and sustainable—not to mention that you snapped them up at ⅓ of their original price.

Used Louis Vuitton Shoes

Whether you want to go black tie with Louis Vuitton resale stilettos or take an afternoon stroll to show off a fancy pair of designer walking shoes, Clothes Mentor has used Louis Vuitton shoes for every occasion. Add to your shoe collection by shopping gently used, pre-owned Louis Vuitton shoes today.

Other Secondhand Louis Vuitton Accessories

Looking for a used Louis Vuitton belt to add some flare to your pants? What about a bracelet or a pair of sunglasses that match your outfit? Maybe even a bright red luxury scarf for extra flare! Shop our collection of resale Louis Vuitton items, such as hats, wallets, keychains, and more.

Used Louis Vuitton for Sale

Clothes Mentor carries a variety of Louis Vuitton resale bags in multiple sizes, along with additions/accessories that you can clip onto your purses, such as pre-owned Louis Vuitton shoulder straps. Used Louis Vuitton for sale at Clothes Mentor is guaranteed to be gently used and like-new. 

Shopping resale Louis Vuitton means shopping sustainably and affordably. We want to help complement your style with top-end, high-quality items that are up to 70% off the original retail price and help keep fashion’s carbon footprint to a minimum.

How to Sell Louis Vuitton for Cash

Do you have gently used Louis Vuitton bags or other fashion items that need a new home? Sell your used LV bags to your local Clothes Mentor store. Our shops will pay you in cash for your items immediately. We believe that the best shopping experience is one where you get paid! Shop around the store while we review your items, then walk out with cash in hand or in-store credit.

Bring your gently used Louis Vuitton items to the nearest Clothes Mentor in your area. Our Clothes Mentor buyers will review and quote you a price for your items. We’ll give you an offer for either cash or in-store credit. 

When you sell your gently used Louis Vuitton bags and accessories to Clothes Mentor, you are selling your clothes to your community members who shop sustainably, affordably, and, of course, fashionably. Here at Clothes Mentor, we believe that the future is resale. Sustainable fashion both lessens your carbon footprint and allows high-end fashion to become affordable and accessible. 

Selling your second-hand items means making the world greener one Louis Vuitton used purse at a time. Find out more about how Louis Vuitton resale works in our stores by visiting our Sell to Clothes Mentor information page today! 

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Wondering where to buy pre-owned Louis Vuitton? Looking for used authentic Louis Vuitton items at an affordable price? Interested in selling your Louis Vuitton used wallet? Just visit your local Clothes Mentor store today. 

Find the closest Clothes Mentor by searching on our Store Locator page. Simply type your location into the search bar and find the nearest Clothes Mentor in your area.

Can’t make it into a store? No problem! Shop our entire collection online. We will ship the item right to your door from any of our locations. Simply choose your item, click “add to cart,” and checkout! 

We look forward to seeing you online or in person. Thank you for making fashion sustainable and affordable by selling or shopping resale Louis Vuitton with Clothes Mentor.